I am a musician, producer, audio engineer, and content creator. I have been playing guitar for 10+ years, as well as picking up drums and vocals along the way. I have been recording and producing music now for 7+ years.

My goal with everything I am doing consists of two things:

1. I want to express myself and my music, and simply make the music that I want to make. That goes for my own work as well as others. I love everything about music. It is truly my passion, and I aim to do as much of it as I possibly can.

2. Help others do the same. I want to help the community realize their visions and musical endeavors. Through tutorials of all kinds, gear reviews and tips I aim to help others progress with their music in any way that I can.

On this website, you can find my original music, free multi-tracks to practice your skills, and even contact me for recording services of all kinds.

Let's make some music!

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