The Ultimate Bass Drops pack gives you any bass drop you could ever need in a single click. This pack includes 120 bass drops. 12 different notes, with 10 different note lengths ranging from 1/2 second to an earth shattering 5 seconds. Guaranteed to save you a massive amount of time in your productions and mixes. All drops are 16 bit .wav files.


Each note will look as such:


A 55 hz .5 Seconds

A 55hz 1 Second

A 55 hz 1.5 Seconds

A 55 hz 2 Seconds

A 55 hz 2.5 Seconds

A 55 hz 3 Seconds

A 5 5hz 3.5 Seconds

A 55 hz 4 Seconds

A 55 hz 4.5 Seconds

A 55hz 5 Seconds


Ultimate Bass Drops